To make it easier for you, we support multiple ways to register.

You can use a traditional e-mail and password, or use your social accounts like Twitter, Google or Facebook.

If you decide later that you would like to login using a different social media account, simply go to your account settings to add new social account or to remove an existing one.

Register with your social accounts

Register with a traditional e-mail and password

We ask for the following details to update you about any trips you book. The password is so you can easily login to see any bookings you have, or amend any existing bookings.

Why register?

  1. Login with your Facebook, Google or Twitter account - no need to remember passwords (You can also set up an account using an email and password, if your prefer!)
  2. See all your trip bookings in one convenient place. If you use Google Calendar, Apple Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, you can also subscribe to your trips so that all the latest information about your trip can be updated in your diary.
  3. If you’ve booked a ‘still building’ trip, you can cancel it from within your account. If your trip is already confirmed, you can view the different pick-up and drop-offs along the route - and you can change where we pick you up and drop you off.